Tennis Tips - Volleys and Overheads

How to Never Miss an Overhead Smash
Unless you are playing tennis at the highest level, one of the easiest ways to win a point is to give your opponent a deep high lob.

One of three things will happen. The first overhead smash will probably go out. Then your opponent will over compensate and hit the ball in the net. Now on the third try the ball may be put away in the court. In this scenario the lobber has a 2:1 edge.

However there is a way to hit an overhead that will never go out or in the net - unless you mishit it.

The secret is simple geometry. Instead of hitting down at the ball use a hammer grip and swing your racquet straight up towards the sky. Don't worry the ball won't go out of the court nor can it go in the net.

With a hammer grip, if you swing your racquet straight up towards the sky your reacquet head will be at about 60 degree angle from the ground when you contact the ball. At this angle every ball hit from the net up to close to the service line must go in the court.

The trick is not to follow through but to stop dead at the contact point. Once this principle has been established then you can add the follow through and hit with more pace.



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