Tennis Tips - Serves

How to Get a Consistent Toss
The toss starts the serve, but it can be a problem. Here are some suggestions for acquiring a consistent toss.

Take your service stance. Draw a circle on the ground where you would want the ball to land. Toss up a ball, while at the same time bringing the racket to the backscratch position, and let the ball hit the ground. Mark the spot with the ball. Now toss 4 more balls to see your range of accuracy in relation to the circle. As your consistency improves, reduce the size of the circle. A caveat: this exercise is very effective providing you keep your chin up until the ball has bounced.

When the left hand swings out to the side, the toss will be very erratic and the body will not be aligned for the proper shoulder rotation. Just by crossing the arms and bringing the ball to the right of the body, the serve will be corrected.



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