Tennis Tips - Serves

Correcting a Service Problem
Many aspiring tennis players are trying to copy the unique world class serving style using the extreme knee bend. It takes quite a bit of athletic talent to serve successfully with a deep knee bend, high toss and extreme body rotation.

Many people just don't have this skill and end up with a "potty serve". Instead of bending the back as the knees kick outward in the bend, players dip their knees with the buttocks stuck out. The result is an ineffectual push at the ball. To correct this, the player must go through a remedial style of serving with the knees absolutely rigid.

As soon as any tendency of a dip has disappeared, the player is now asked to continue serving with stiff knees, but to bend the back. Of course this is impossible! As the player tries to bend the back, the knees will start to kick out in a proper bend, which is exactly the desired technique.



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