Tennis Tips - Groundstrokes
Photo by Arno Dimmling

Backboard Practice
Backboards, once a staple of all tennis clubs, are harder to find these days. Previously, the backboard was a very important part of a player's repertoire, but now very few players can experience their benefits. It is very sad, because in the history of tennis, the best players in the world were great enthusiasts of practicing against the wall. Repetition of strokes enhances consistency and ball skills.

One of my favorite drills on the backboard is serving at targets drawn on the wall. Pace off 13 steps from the wall, and draw a line to represent the service line. See how many in a row you can serve into the circle drawn 3 ft. from the ground (the height of the net). If you do this exercise in sets of 10, you will find your percentage of accurate serves.



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